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Information systems and automation tools, are an essential part of today business practices. Purpose of this line of service is to assist our customers with advanced software expertise in project information systems.

Skedion supports all Microsoft Office platform softwares, and more specifically Microsoft Project and Microsoft Access

Microsoft Project


To meet the wide variety of expectations and situations of our customers, we designed a number of Learning Modules, Workshop sessions and "on the job" support. This modules consists of Learning objectives, acquired capabilities, program content and requirements for a target Project role (i.e.: Discovering Microsoft Project for project managers).

See our Microsoft Project Learning Path for project managers and project assistants.


Designing a project workgroup environment

This service is destined to teams, departments, project office units, newly confronted with the use of Microsoft Project. We support you in installing the product, designing collaboration schema, modeling your project schedules, setting up project templates and establishing work procedures and standards.

Automating Microsoft Project

We assist you in automating routine tasks, developing specific reports, processing exporting/importing data to/from other Office software as Word, Excel, Access.

Connecting Microsoft Project and databases

Connecting Microsoft project files with database is probably one of the most powerful features of the product. Sharing information through databases, can provide a very high return. In order to harvest all the benefits, a knowledgeable approach is certainly requested.

Microsoft Access

Access services are delivered through several modes: Trainings, Workshops, Consulting, Project-based missions.

Designing and developping database applications

Services offered:

  • Introduction to Relational Database concepts

  • Programming expertise and assistance

  • Problem solving and technical support

Implementing a software development framework

Services offered:

  • Implementing design and coding guidelines

  • Assessing and improving your software development proces