Project management Imprimer
Project management is a discipline that is becoming increasingly critical to success in the business world. The purpose of this line of service is to assist our customers in their process of developing and implementing their own, company or business unit specific project management framework.
Does it mean that you have to read thousand of pages of methodologies and to spend hundred of hours to design and implement a framework before to get any return ? Of course not ! Basing our services on a culture of innovation and rapid delivery, we offer you the flexible approach that

For all project team roles

Our services take into account the specific role you play in the project. Perspective vary considerably if you are the project sponsor, project manager or a project resource. In your vision of the project, you share common elements with other team members but you have your own specific challenges to face. Expectations change, that’s why our services change for each project team role.

At all project stages

When a project player requests assistance, the project can be at any stage of his life. Before launch of the project or during the execution phase. Needs change with project lifecycle, that’s why our services are suited to each stage.

Project management services

Project management techniques

We provide structured training or assist you in applying these techniques in real projects with coaching programs.

Project Office

We assist you in designing and implementing the new organizational unit, defining his mission, function, organization, responsibilities, authority, methods, strategy and scope

Program management

For large organizations, where dozen (or hundred or even thousand !) projects are running in the same time, at different stages of their lifecycle, project consolidations, resource allocation, capacity planning, etc .. become more complex to manage. The situation demands a more larger framework and Program management systems become necessary.

Assessing project management maturity

For organizations who already have implemented a methodology and are considering an improvement

Training, coaching, mentoring

All training actions are in harmony with our two important principles : customized approach and business result oriented. See the dedicated section to learn more about.

The learning and integrating process can take many forms, from very formal to completely informal, depending on the situation, the expected results and the constraints.

Support in implementing solutions

If you are already engaged in real project, if you are looking for support in developing solutions to improve the conduct of your projects and the companies project management practices, we can assist you with Consulting services, no matter the project role you have, not matter the project stage your project currently is.

More specifically, we assist you by :

  • Assessing the situation
  • Identifying improvement areas
  • Designing solutions
  • Planning and realising improvement initiatives